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ITT Jabsco 67600003P Impeller Replacement Nitrile

ITT Jabsco 67600003P Impeller Replacement Nitrile

ITT Jabsco 67600003P Impeller Replacement Nitrile
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Products Description

ITT Jabsco 67600003P Impeller Replacement Nitrile. See Jabsco Impeller Cross Reference and Impeller Identification Guide for impeller silhouettes and drive types.

Product Information
Manufactured by ITT Jabsco
SKU Number 202370
Product Part No. 6-67600003P
Manufacturer Part No. 67600003P
UPC 671880005043
Min Order Quantity 1
Sold as Unit of Measure EA
MSRP Price per unit US $203.09
Sales Price per unit US $167.10
Your Saving per unit US $35.99
Sales Tax1 $0.00
USA Delivery Time2 1-6 Days
Worldwide Delivery Time 3-10 Days
Availability In Stock
Quantity in Stock 7

1 Florida and Washington residents pay Sales Taxes
2 When the item leaves the warehouse

Product Shipping Information
Weight (lb) 1.19
Length (in) 6.00
Width (in) 6.00
Height (in) 2.00
Ship Restriction N

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Product Specification
Condition NEW
Package EA
LNS Part 6-67600003P
KMS part JAB 67600003P
DMP part 23-7604
Insert BR
Size 3-3/4"
Shaft 1"
Type Nitrile
Depth 2-1/2"
Blades 9

Superseded Part(s)

No information available

Alternate Part(s)

Product P/N SKU
47-3304 208736

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